2014 - 2016 Council and Staff

Reverend Chad Ingle, Pastor

  Bob McClellan, Congregation President
  Steve Helling, Congregation Vice-President
  Chris Wisham, Financial Secretary
  Mark Taylor, Treasurer
  Joan Collier, Council Secretary
  Chris Wisham, Chair, Board of Christian Education
  Donna McClellan, Chair, Board of Worship Outreach
  Max Maxwell, Chair, Board of Elders
  Chair, Board of Stewardship - Vacant
  Chair, Board of Lay Ministry - Vacant
Dorcas (Altar Guild) -- LWML (Lutheran Women's Missionary League)
  Donna McClellan, President
  Susie Taylor, Vice-President
  Milrae Seaman, Secretary
  Joan Collier, Treasurer
Fellowship Committee
  Jan Lehmann, Chairperson
  Nancy Maxwell
  Milrae Seaman
  Jan Friend
  Jackie Kinney
  Donna McClellan

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